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Give a Gift

Looking for the perfect gift for family and friends? Give the Gift of Land with an ESLT Membership! When you Give the Gift of Land you help provide permanent protection to critical wildlife migration corridors, prime soils that produce valuable food and forage, and the incredible views that we all love in the Eastern Sierra. Give a Gift Membership and you will give a gift that lasts – a gift for today and for future generations. Your gift recipient will receive a special card announcing your gift, along with the regular ongoing membership benefits.

To Give the Gift, donate online or download this form and mail today.



Eastern Sierra Land Trust’s success and growth can be directly linked to the work of volunteers. In return, volunteers are rewarded with the knowledge that their work is meaningful and has contributed to preserving exceptional lands in the Eastern Sierra. The Land Trust recognizes volunteers for their work and accomplishments. As well, volunteering also provides an opportunity to attend special events, meet new people, learn new skills, and work with a dedicated and knowledgeable staff. More Info >>

Call About Your Land - Donating Land

California leads the nation in the practice of giving real estate, known as bequeathing. Bequeathing real estate is a powerful method of giving if one doesn't have other more liquid assets. The real estate may still be enjoyed by the owner until death, at which time the property is given to a qualified 501(c)3 organization such as the Eastern Sierra Land Trust.

There are different ways to donate real estate. An outright gift of real property allows the donor to avoid capital gains taxes and take a charitable deduction on the fair market value of the property, up to 30% of the donor's adjusted gross income. The charitable deduction can be carried over a five-year period.

A real estate gift with retained life estate allows the donor to live in the property until death, at which time the property is transferred to a foundation, without going through probate. Tax deductions are calculated at the time the gift is given and are based on current interest rates and the donor's age.

If you are interested in donating property to Eastern Sierra Land Trust, call us directly at 760-873-4554, and consult with an attorney and certified public accountant.

Include ESLT in your will or estate plan

A popular and easy method of expressing one's philanthropic wishes is through wills and bequests. More Info >>

Workplace Giving

Local businesses benefit for the unique lands and quality of life found in the Eastern Sierra and many have partnered with Eastern Sierra Land Trust to preserve our cherished region.  Visit our Business Partners page to find out what local businesses are making a difference in our community.

Does your work place support community giving? This is an excellent way for you and your workplace to invest in the important conservation work of ESLT. Please ask your employer about their charitable giving programs. Your employer’s matching gift program, could make your gift to preserve the Eastern Sierra go twice as far. Together we can make twice the difference! ESLT is happy to answer any questions or provide any supporting documentation for your employer, please contact us at 760-873-4554 or email info@eslt.org

In-Kind Gifts

Eastern Sierra Land Trust welcomes donations of in-kind gifts for our programs and our events.

Visit our Business Partners page to learn more about how your business can contribute an in-kind gift.

If you have non-cash donations and items to contribute, ESLT will provide you with an IRS receipt to claim a tax deduction at the fair market value. You non-cash donations support ESLT’s important efforts in land conservation, stewardship and working in the community

Sell or Purchase Homes

John McGurke, Real Estate Agent with Owens Valley Realty in Bishop, also coaches the Bishop High School Varsity Boys Soccer team. John is committed to preserving working farms and ranches, and he is dedicated to the community of the Eastern Sierra. In an effort to demonstrate his commitment and give back to his community, John donates 5% of his real estate earnings from the sale of a home to any Inyo or Mono County nonprofit organization as designated by his client. For ESLT, John donates 10% of his earnings! This is a great opportunity for ESLT to raise funds for its important conservation work. So, please spread the word – if you know someone buying or selling a house, let them know they could help support ESLT and protect our treasured lands by working with John. To contact John, call his cell 760-920-0518.

Commemorative Gifts

You can honor a friend or loved one by making a donation to ESLT in their memory. To learn more, call (760) 873-4554.

Donating Stock

You can give a meaningful gift and gain a substantial tax advantage for yourself by giving stocks or mutual fund shares.

The benefits of donating appreciated securities are many, but instead of selling those securities and writing a check for the proceeds, a charitable giving fund may be a more efficient way to make a donation.

When appreciated securities are contributed to a charitable giving account, the full fair market value can be deducted without incurring any capital gains liability. (This is in contrast to selling the securities outright and then donating the cash, which would then incur a capital gain.) The lower tax bill means more money to contribute to the land conservation work of the Eastern Sierra Land Trust.

Charitable giving funds are usually professionally managed by mutual fund companies and are offered through most financial advisors. A donor can usually decide when and to whom donations should be made from his or her charitable giving fund, although, the specific donation policy should be investigated for each fund. The donor is under no obligation or timeline to exhaust the funds or to keep giving to the same organization.

Consider this scenario: Connie Sagebrush invested in a stock at a cost of $50,000. Today the shares are worth $100,000. Connie would like to direct that money to Eastern Sierra Land Trust's Critical Habitats Program.

Connie has two choices: 1) She can sell the stock and donate the cash to ESLT, in which case (assuming a capital gains rate of 20% on the profit of $50,000), ESLT will get $90,000, not $100,000. Or 2) Connie can contribute the securities to her charitable giving fund account, where the earnings on her appreciated stock will not be subject to capital gains tax, and she can give the full $100,000 to ESLT.

Another important point to consider is that in a charitable giving fund, the money can be invested and could potentially grow over time, tax free. This scenario could allow Connie to donate a greater total amount to ESLT than the $100,000 she envisions today.

Interested supporters of Eastern Sierra Land Trust should consult a tax or financial advisor to learn which method of giving is best suited to their unique situation. For more information contact us at (760) 873-4554.