This last Monday Hillary and I ventured out to the ponds on the conservation easement at Benton Hot Springs Ranch to collect some data for the habitat improvement project that we are conducting at that location.

This expedition benefited from Hillary’s expert canoe handling skills (see video below) which were required  in order to maneuver the boat along transects to measure and map water depth across the reservoir, all in light winds! We also had help from Mike Davis of the Cal Dept of Fish & Game and a talented volunteer who contributed his survey expertise in helping us carefully make elevation profiles for the ponds and nearby springs.

Finally, we also measured the outflow of the ponds to better understand the hydrology of the area. All of these important pieces of data will be used as we plan and implement a habitat improvement project on the ponds over the next year.

Check back for updates as the project evolves. Thanks for supporting us in this important work!