Wildlife Migration Corridor Field Trip Slideshow

//Wildlife Migration Corridor Field Trip Slideshow

3pm – Pine Creek Rd./Hwy 395: The trip began with Aaron Johnson, our Lands Director, welcoming over 20 people to our event and explaining the itinerary.


3:45pm: We drove to Round Valley Rd. and Tim Taylor, a wildlife biologist from Department of Fish and Game explained the habitat, diet and migration pattern of the mule deer that winter in this region. We had some great questions about predator species and causes of recent population declines.Image

4:30pm: The group met up again in the shade of the Sierra in the Swall Meadows community for a rare opportunity to walk along a few of our conservation easements that are on private property and are not normally open to the public. Aaron explained the critical work of ESLT and described how conservation easements are wonderful tools for accomplishing our mission of protecting vital lands. It was also a great location for a Great Basin Bakery cookie break!


5:15pm: We had beautiful views of the entire migration corridor and even saw a few deer in the distance. Overall everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and it was a successful event. Thank you to everyone who attended and we look forward to seeing you at future events!Image

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