Welcome to ESLT’s At-Home Haven, where you’ll find inspiration for backyard adventures with the whole family. Scroll down to explore tools for gardening and birdwatching, along with scavenger hunts, games, and activities for little ones.

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Gardening Tools

Before you break out your gloves and trowel, make sure to learn all about planning and growing your best pollinator-friendly garden with our Virtual Victory Garden Workshop series!

You can begin with the first video below, then visit our YouTube channel to explore the entire series.

Are you interested in joining our Eastside Pollinator Garden Project? This year, we’ll help you set up your garden remotely! Learn more about the program and find plant lists and gardening tips at this link

Or, explore these resources:

Birdwatching Resources

Explore these fun learning tools and activities from Audubon Society, AllAboutBirds.com, and The Cornell Lab:

Activities and Games

Try our Eastern Sierra Bird Call Bingo or ESLT Scavenger Hunts by yourself or with your little ones!

Nature Activities for Wellbeing

Explore activities for little ones like nature journaling and “magic sit spots,” and read about the countless health benefits of spending time in nearby nature.