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Wildlife Migration Corridor Field Trip Slideshow

3pm - Pine Creek Rd./Hwy 395: The trip began with Aaron Johnson, our Lands Director, welcoming over 20 people to our event and explaining the itinerary. 3:45pm: We drove to Round Valley Rd. and Tim Taylor, a wildlife biologist from Department of Fish and Game explained the habitat, diet and migration pattern of the mule deer that winter in this region. We had some great questions about predator species and causes of …continue reading

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A New Class of Volunteers!

ESLT enjoys volunteer involvement and support in everything we accomplish.  Many thanks to our graduating class from the recent Volunteer Orientation, held on a bluebird day last month.  Thanks also to Great Basin Bakery for making it a delicious gathering and to Victoria Ortiz, our newest super-volunteer and AmeriCorps member.

2017-03-03T11:06:21-08:00March 7th, 2012|Blog, Volunteer|

Want to Live a Longer, Happier Life? –...

Eastern Sierra Land Trust’s 3rd Annual Volunteer Orientation 2011 Volunteer Orientation Participants People who volunteer tend to live longer and be healthier than non-volunteers, according to a recent study by the American Psychological Association1. Eastern Sierra Land Trust is happy to announce our 3rd annual Volunteer Orientation, an event that will introduce interested people to ESLT’s mission to preserve critical lands and offer opportunities to become involved in our upcoming projects. The …continue reading

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ESLT Salutes a Local Legend

ESLT would like to pay tribute to a vibrant member of our community, Jill Kinmont Boothe, who passed away on February 9, 2012 at the age of 75. Jill grew up in Bishop and became a world class ski racer at Mammoth Mountain.  A tragic accident during the 1955 January Olympic trials caused paralysis from her neck down and turned her down a different path towards a life dedicated to …continue reading

2017-03-03T11:03:07-08:00February 16th, 2012|Blog|

Hola from ESLT’s 2012 AmeriCorps Member!

Hello future friends and community!  My name is Victoria Ortiz and I will be serving as ESLT’s 2012 AmeriCorps member and Education Coordinator.  This morning I went for a run during which I reveled in how lucky I am to be living in paradise.  For the last couple winters I have worked as a ski instructor at Mammoth Mountain and have fallen in love with the clean air and active …continue reading

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Seeking Cattail Warriors

[10/12/2011 - We are no longer accepting applications for this contract work, thanks!] Eastern Sierra Land Trust is looking to contract with a couple hardy souls to provide assistance to a current restoration project on the Benton Hot Springs Ranch conservation easement. Specifically, this contract will be responsible for the  removal of an unwanted aquatic plant species in order to improve habitat for important wildlife, and paving the way for an exciting …continue reading

2017-03-03T15:47:59-08:00September 30th, 2011|Blog|

Fieldwork at Benton Hot Springs Ranch

This last Monday Hillary and I ventured out to the ponds on the conservation easement at Benton Hot Springs Ranch to collect some data for the habitat improvement project that we are conducting at that location. This expedition benefited from Hillary's expert canoe handling skills (see video below) which were required  in order to maneuver the boat along transects to measure and map water depth across the reservoir, all in light winds! We also had help from …continue reading

2017-03-03T15:47:58-08:00March 17th, 2011|Blog, Volunteer|

Thinking Like a Deer

Wildlife need to be able to get around too. Understanding this is simple;  think about your own life. Imagine if you could not venture more than a block from your home. Sure, you could be pretty happy on the couch for a while, maybe even borrow some snacks from a neighbor, but what would happen when you ran out of coffee or had a craving for Thai food? What if you wanted …continue reading

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Thank You and Farewell!

My Year of AmeriCorps service with Eastern Sierra Land Trust is sadly coming to a close today. I have been serving the Sierra, along with 26 other Sierra Nevada AmeriCorps Partnership (SNAP) members, since January. What a wonderful year it has been! I want to thank each and every one of you that I have come to know this year. You have been teachers, supporters, friends, and family. You have …continue reading

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What a Wonderful Time of the Year

Your generosity and vision for preserving the Eastern Sierra are extraordinary. This is an opportunity to make the world a better place. Why? Because the Eastern Sierra with its expansive and breathtaking landscapes, diverse wildlife and critical habitats, and unique rural character is truly one of the world’s most important treasures. Why? Because the cherished open spaces, working and wild landscapes, and recreational opportunities of the Eastern Sierra will disappear if we …continue reading

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