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Let’s Team Up to Clean Up

Throughout the Eastern Sierra, trash pollutes our rivers and streams, creating hazards for birds, fish, and other wildlife. On Saturday, September 16, we're teaming up with other local organizations to make a difference - and we need volunteers like you to lend a hand. We will be partnering with the Bishop Paiute Tribe Environmental Management Office, Friends of the Inyo, the Sierra Club, and people like you to help keep the Owens …continue reading

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Fun & Exploration in the Great Outdoors

What a day: filled with laughter, learning, and fun in the sun! At our first-ever Crayons & Paint last Saturday, local kids and their families joined us on the land at Karen's Preserve to explore and learn about the world around us. They had a great time getting creative in nature - learning how to identify animal tracks, noticing details in their surroundings that tell us clues about local wildlife, and letting …continue reading

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Help ESLT Find Our Next AmeriCorps Member!

Do you know someone who loves the Sierra, and who might want to help protect its wonderswhile gaining valuable environmental professional experience? Eastern Sierra Land Trust is on the lookout for our next Sierra Nevada AmeriCorps Partnership (SNAP) Member - and you can help us fill this important role by forwarding this post to someone you think might be great for the job! ESLT is seeking an enthusiastic, conservation-minded young leader to …continue reading

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Looking Back: Protecting Karen’s Preserve Forever

For mule deer and mountain lions, songbirds and eagles, and people of all ages seeking adventure and a spectacular view, Karen's Preserve offers a true refuge. It is protected for generations to come - and you can visit today. From atop a knobby ridge west of the community of Crowley Lake, you can see for miles and miles. It's a quick walk out to a grassy meadow - a nice place for …continue reading

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Calling All Kids – Let’s Get Creative at...

School's out and summer is officially here! Are you and your kids looking to escape the heat and explore the Eastern Sierra? If so, we hope you'll join us on July 29 for our first-ever Crayons & Paint: a free family day of games, learning, and exploration out on the land you've helped protect forever. Crayons & Paint Saturday, July 29 9am - 3pm Karen's Preserve (near Crowley Lake) Crayons & Paint …continue reading

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Bringing Their Home Back To Life

Thanks to your support, volunteers have been hard at work this spring improving important habitat for mule deer and other wildlife in the Round Fire burn area. Many centuries before there were houses and fences, roads and cars, mule deer made the Eastern Sierra their home. Like many of us, the deer choose to spend their summers in the High Sierra. That's where they give birth and find the food and water …continue reading

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Looking Back: Conservation Success at Benton Hot Springs...

With its wildlife, water resources, ranching legacy, and historic significance, Benton Hot Springs Ranch is a diamond in the rough. Thanks to supporters like you, it's now protected forever. Bill Bramlette's family has worked the land at Benton Hot Springs Ranch for nearly a century. As the property's third-generation rancher, Bill is committed to making sure that tradition continues. "The number one thing for me is that, even when I'm gone, this …continue reading

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Pollinator Gardens Are Blooming – Come See!

Have you heard the buzz? All across the Eastern Sierra, butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees are busy at their work - and what an important job they fill! Pollinators like these keep local gardens, farms, and wildflowers flourishing, year after year. Knowing how critical these pollinators are to a healthy environment, many gardeners are doing what they can to help butterflies and bees thrive. They're participating in ourEastside Pollinator Garden Project- and over …continue reading

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A Perfect Day to Celebrate Spring

Right from theparty's start, laughter filled the backyard. The sun peeked out from behind the clouds - as though curious about what all the celebration was for. Aromas of fresh-baked pizza drew guests towards the wood-fired oven, and acoustic music emanated through the crowdand over the fence. Younger guests delighted at the chance to pick outtheir very own seeds and plant them in small containers that they took with them. Adults had …continue reading

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What’s Next At Conway Ranch?

Spectacular views. Seeping springs. Homes for iconic wildlife such as mule deer, bobcat, and the Bi-State sage-grouse. This is Conway Ranch and thanks to you and community leadership, this special place was voluntarily conserved in 2014, providing a lasting connection to our region's history and economic identity. Now discussions are taking place to determinehow Conway Ranch will be managed into the future, and your voice can make a difference. A Strong Partnership …continue reading

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