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Welcome Carissa Gospodinoff, our new Administrative Manager!

What do you love most about living here? Other than the magnificent beauty, I really enjoy having endless options of places to explore. In the three weeks that I have lived here, not one day has been the same. It makes me value free time and enjoy every minute of life. I love seeing cows and horses on my way to work, and I love walking around during sunset - when the ...continue reading

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Come Explore our Oasis in the Desert

The Place: It’s summer, and we know you’re getting outside to play! Here at ESLT, summer is also stewardship season, and we’ve already been out caring for our special places. So this season, we would like to encourage everyone to visit one of ESLT’s remarkable destinations – Black Lake Preserve. Thanks to our incredible volunteer teams and supporters, we’ve been improving land conditions at the Preserve this year. We’ve worked together to ...continue reading

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Helping the Herd

A treacherous corridor. A missing puzzle piece. A shared solution. Mule deer migrate through the Swall Meadows Wildlife Area twice every year. Imagine that the year is 1999, and you just moved to a new home in Swall Meadows. Every day out your window, you begin to see the same thing. Mule deer! A lot of mule deer. This experience led community members to the discovery that homes lay in ...continue reading

Remembering a Dedicated Eastern Sierra Protector: Will Richmond

Will Richmond fought hard for the Eastern Sierra throughout his influential law career and throughout his time volunteering on ESLT’s Board of Directors and on our Lands Committee, which provides expert vetting and guidance. Through his deep involvement in our organization, he gave us crucial legal expertise, historical understanding, and strategic direction. Will passed away in February of this year, and we will always remember him as a dedicated, knowledgeable, and passionate ...continue reading

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Protected Forever: Waterfalls, Canyon Walls, and Bighorn Sheep

Thanks to the help of Mono Lake Committee and The Wilderness Land Trust, together we have permanently protected a critical piece of Lundy Canyon, a special and iconic Eastern Sierra place. Photo of Lundy Canyon, originally posted to Flikr by m01229. Thanks to your support and the support of our community of Eastern Sierra Protectors, we have helped make a dream come true: a critical piece of land in the ...continue reading

Dr. Karl Hinrichs: Assembling ESLT’s Beginnings

Swall Meadows in Spring. Photo by ESLT. Dr. Karl Hinrichs walked door to door in Swall Meadows in 2001, knocking and waiting for answers. He wanted to talk to his neighbors about a new organization that he was helping to found – Eastern Sierra Land Trust. He wanted everyone’s input, and he wanted the neighborhood’s support. Karl Hinrichs and his wife Laura were among the first conservation leaders who started ...continue reading

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Apply to be our Land Stewardship Associate!

Eastern Sierra Land Trust is hiring a temporary/seasonal Land Stewardship Associate! Go to work every day protecting the Eastern Sierra with our team here in beautiful Bishop, California. The application deadline for this position is May 31, 2019, so apply today! Scroll to the bottom of this page for information about how to apply. The Land Stewardship Associate will work to support the stewardship of our existing and new conservation properties. They ...continue reading

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Ring in Spring! See you this Saturday at...

Look outside! Birds and butterflies are on the wing, early blooms are splashing the valley with vibrant colors and community members across the region are preparing their soon-to-be-flourishing gardens. Spring has finally arrived and the Eastern Sierra is filled with life. To celebrate this season of new growth, Bishop-based nonprofit Eastern Sierra Land Trust (ESLT) invites community members of all ages to ring in spring at their 10th annual GardenFest Celebration. This free, ...continue reading

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WINNER of our Winter Photography Contest

Congratulations to David Carle, who took this winning image of our beloved mule deer!   Stag Party, by David Carle. We loved this photograph because of how it illustrates the resiliency of wildlife in the midst of the Eastern Sierra's beautiful and dramatic seasons. We received many incredible photographs throughout our winter photography contest. Thank you for sharing yours! Enjoy some of the runners-up, collected below. --

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Bring Your Garden To Life This Spring

Join our free Pollinator Garden Workshop and Potluck on April 6! The workshop will be held at Inyo Council for the Arts on Saturday, April 6th from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., and will be immediately followed by the potluck. All are welcome for one or both parts. You’ll come away knowing everything you need to create a blooming haven for pollinators!    Click here for the event page. (c) Joan ...continue reading

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