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Giving Thanks to Someone Who Inspires You

Who inspires you to care? Next week on Giving Tuesday, we want to recognize the friends, relatives, and teachers who introduced you to the magic of nature and taught you the importance of conservation. "When I was a little girl, my Dad taught me that land can help your spirit soar. It can give peace, hope, and joy. Land brings people together - people like you and me. Today I work to save land, ...continue reading

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Calliope Hummingbird and thistle flower

Introducing Ryan Delaney: ESLT’s next Education Coordinator &...

All of us at Eastern Sierra Land Trust are excited to welcome Ryan Delaney to our team. For the next 11 months, Ryan will be serving our Sierra communities as our 2017/2018 Education Coordinator & AmeriCorps member. Ryan comes to us through the Sierra Nevada AmeriCorps Partnership (SNAP) – a selective program organized by the Sierra Nevada Alliance that places 28 young leaders into conservation agencies and organizations throughout the Sierra Nevada each year. SNAP members like ...continue reading

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Giving Rare Wildlife a Fighting Chance

Thanks to your support, we've been working with conservation partners and volunteers to improve habitat for rare species in our area. It's rewarding work, and we're excited to share our progress with you. Alongside volunteers from Nevada and California, ESLT's Land Conservation Program Director, Susanna Danner, and Stewardship Coordinator, Sara Kokkelenberg, joined our partners at the U.S. Forest Service - Bridgeport Ranger District on September 23 for a workday in the Sweetwater ...continue reading

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Finding My Place: Looking Back on my Service...

This post was written by Indigo Johnson, Eastern Sierra Land Trust's 2016/2017 Sierra Nevada AmeriCorps Partnership Education Coordinator and AmeriCorps Member. Indigo has served with ESLT for the past 11 months, spending that time working with local gardeners, kids, and volunteers to promote conservation and stewardship, and to connect families with nature. Her AmeriCorps term ends this week, and all of us at Eastern Sierra Land Trust are deeply thankful for her ...continue reading

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Spotlight on Cecily Foote: Illustrator for our Sunflower...

Nature is full of magic. And in Eastern Sierra Land Trust’s annual Sunflower Garden Project, young boys and girls get the chance to learn how it works. During the Sunflower Garden Project each spring, Bishop Elementary School third-graders visit the ESLT garden multiple times - where they play games and do hands-on activities that teach about blooms, pollinators, the growth cycle of plants, and more. It’s a fun opportunity for these kids ...continue reading

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Celebrating Your Legacy and the Lands You Conserve...

"It's about the land." That's something my grandfather said years ago. I recall him telling me how painful it was to watch his beloved ranch get turned from open and working land into houses in the outskirts of a growing community. “It’s about the land,” he said. Our love of land is what brings us together. From the towering Sierra peaks to the winding Owens River, the Eastern Sierra captivates us all. And ...continue reading

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Let’s Team Up to Clean Up

Throughout the Eastern Sierra, trash pollutes our rivers and streams, creating hazards for birds, fish, and other wildlife. On Saturday, September 16, we're teaming up with other local organizations to make a difference - and we need volunteers like you to lend a hand. We will be partnering with the Bishop Paiute Tribe Environmental Management Office, Friends of the Inyo, the Sierra Club, and people like you to help keep the Owens ...continue reading

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Fun & Exploration in the Great Outdoors

What a day: filled with laughter, learning, and fun in the sun! At our first-ever Crayons & Paint last Saturday, local kids and their families joined us on the land at Karen's Preserve to explore and learn about the world around us. They had a great time getting creative in nature - learning how to identify animal tracks, noticing details in their surroundings that tell us clues about local wildlife, and letting ...continue reading

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Help ESLT Find Our Next AmeriCorps Member!

Do you know someone who loves the Sierra, and who might want to help protect its wonders while gaining valuable environmental professional experience? Eastern Sierra Land Trust is on the lookout for our next Sierra Nevada AmeriCorps Partnership (SNAP) Member - and you can help us fill this important role by forwarding this post to someone you think might be great for the job! ESLT is seeking an enthusiastic, conservation-minded young leader to ...continue reading

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Looking Back: Protecting Karen’s Preserve Forever

For mule deer and mountain lions, songbirds and eagles, and people of all ages seeking adventure and a spectacular view, Karen's Preserve offers a true refuge. It is protected for generations to come - and you can visit today. From atop a knobby ridge west of the community of Crowley Lake, you can see for miles and miles. It’s a quick walk out to a grassy meadow - a nice place for ...continue reading

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