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On the Wild Side spotlights a series of articles from our SierraScapes Newsletter about Eastern Sierra natural history, and wildlife in this area, and their interactions with the landscape.

Journeying with the Round Valley Mule Deer

Each and every year, a mule deer doe teaches her fawns to make the long journey from their winter range on the valley floor to their summer range in the High Sierra meadows and then back again in the cooler season. You might not know that the journey they take each year through the Eastern Sierra is not instinctual. Wildlife biologists’ research has documented that migration patterns are learned behavior; the doe ...continue reading

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Scavenger Hunt: Monitoring ESLT Properties

This blog was written by Sara Kokkelenberg, ESLT Stewardship Coordinator Discovery is the constant of my work. “Monitoring” an easement may sound as vague as it does bland. And when I tell people that a large portion of my job is monitoring easements, it usually doesn’t pique their interest. However, working outdoors - walking beautiful sections of land that I return to over and over again feels anything but bland. I ...continue reading

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Fall Wildlife Activity

It is officially fall now and the nights are cooling down quickly. Aspen groves are starting to change color and the wildlife are on the move. We recently captured some activity on a conservation easement property located in Swall Meadows, we thought you would all enjoy some of these cool shots. [slideshow] -Aaron

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Notes from the Field

The following are a few snapshots taken while monitoring ESLT conservation easements. Hope you enjoy! For more information on ESLT conservation easements, visit our website for detailed descriptions and more photos. Serena

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