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  • Sleeping bee photo courtesy: Joe Neely, https://www.jmneelyphotography.com/

    National Pollinator Week Day 6: Globe Mallow Bees

    Today is Saturday, and while you were probably sleeping in, it’s most likely that the bees were too. Have you ever seen a bee nap? Well today, National Pollinator Week Day 6, is dedicated to a little pollinator known for many things, and one of …continue reading

  • (Male Anna’s) Photo Courtesy: 2013 © Kyle Blaney

    National Pollinator Week Day 5: Hummingbirds

    We know what you’re thinking, Hummingbirds are a big topic for such a small bird. With about 15 different species nesting in North America, there are several species that visit during migration. So for National Pollinator Week Day 5 we’re going to celebrate Hummingbirds and …continue reading

  • leafcutter bee cutting leaves into perfectly round shapes

    National Pollinator Week Day 4: Leafcutter Bees

    National Pollinator Week Day 4 is all about Leafcutter Bees! Yesterday we gave our attention and support to Mason and Blue Orchard Bees, two species of the Megachilidae family and both very important native pollinators of some of our favorite spring foods. Today, we are …continue reading