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A Service Well Spent

This post was written by Ryan Delaney, ESLT’s 2017-2018 Education Coordinator & AmeriCorps Member. Learn more about Ryan and the Sierra Nevada AmeriCorps Partnership (SNAP) program. Since graduating college in Montana, I’ve always sought ways to serve the communities I lived in. Serving as an AmeriCorps member with Eastern Sierra Land Trust has allowed me to connect my passion to serve with my love of education and nature. With only a few ...continue reading

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Bring Your Garden To Life This Spring

Pollinator Garden Workshop Saturday, April 14 from 10am - 12pm at White Mountain Research Center At our free Pollinator Garden Workshop, you'll hear from local experts about hummingbirds, bees, butterflies, and how you can create a blooming haven for pollinators. If you’re like most people, you probably can’t imagine a world without fruits, vegetables, wildflowers, and other flowering plants. However, you may be surprised to hear that these are now at risk ...continue reading

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The Key to a Blooming Garden: Pollinators!

Pssst - do you know the secret to a blooming backyard? Sun and soil are important, but it's bees, butterflies, and other pollinators that bring your garden to life year after year. With one-third of our food supply and at least 80% of the world's flowering plants depending on pollinators, their impact can be felt everywhere - from your backyard to your dinner plate. Yet bees and butterflies are disappearing. Impacted by disease, pesticides, and ...continue reading

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Introducing Indigo Johnson, ESLT’s new Education Coordinator &...

All of us at Eastern Sierra Land Trust are excited to welcome Indigo Johnson to the team as our 2016/2017 Education Coordinator & AmeriCorps Member! Indigo comes to us through the Sierra Nevada Alliance’s Sierra Nevada AmeriCorps Partnership (SNAP) - a selective program that places 28 young leaders into conservation agencies and organizations throughout the Sierra Nevada each year. SNAP members like Indigo have been working with ESLT ever since the SNAP program began in 2009. By focusing on watershed restoration and ...continue reading

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Spotted on the Eastside

Have you seen any monarchs in the Eastern Sierra lately? Fall is the best time of year to spot these rare and beautiful butterflies—so keep your eyes peeled before winter sets in! Monarchs are much more than a pretty sight in your garden. Along with bees, birds, and other pollinators, butterflies like the monarch are essential to a healthy environment. From wildflowers to working farms, monarchs and other pollinators keep the Eastern Sierra blooming, year after ...continue reading

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Getting My Feet Wet: Looking Back on my...

Working on the Benton Ponds restoration project with Steve Parmenter My introduction to Eastern Sierra Land Trust says it all. Less than a week on the job, and there I was: slipping my size 7 feet into size 12 waders, and plunging into icy pond water with California Department of Fish and Wildlife Biologist Steve Parmenter and ESLT Board Member Tim Bartley. All sorts of metaphors come to mind: big shoes to ...continue reading

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Calling All Volunteers: Help Keep our Eastern Sierra...

Tired of trash on our waterways? Want to make a difference? Then we need your help: volunteer for the 8th annual Great Sierra River Cleanup from 9-11 am on Saturday, Sep. 10th! To sign up, please contact ESLT Education Coordinator & AmeriCorps Member Catherine Tao at or (760) 873-4554 today. Did you know that over 60% of California’s water supply comes from the Sierra Nevada? Watersheds throughout our region provide an integral component of our daily ...continue reading

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The Stories of Manzanar

In 1942, the United States government ordered more than 110,000 men, women, and children to leave their homes. They were detained in remote, military-style camps – one of which was right here in the Eastern Sierra: the Manzanar War Relocation Center, where Japanese American citizens and resident Japanese aliens were interned during World War II. The Manzanar National Historic Site is a stirring reminder of the impact that war, fear, and ...continue reading

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Save the Sierra: Apply to be ESLT’s next...

Do you love the Sierra? Want to help restore and protect the Range of Light, while gaining valuable environmental professional experience? Apply today to become a Sierra Nevada AmeriCorps Partnership (SNAP) AmeriCorps Member working in Bishop, CA with Eastern Sierra Land Trust! Past ESLT AmeriCorps Members Alison Amberg (left) and Sara Kokkelenberg (right) made great progress on a restoration project to reintroduce the Owens Speckled Dace into the Benton Ponds. ESLT’s ...continue reading

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