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Add the Inyo County Star Tulip to Your...

After an evening of art, music, and good food, what better way to spend a Sunday morning than touring Benton Hot Springs Ranch in search of the rare Inyo County Star Tulip? On Sunday, June 26th, at 9:00 am, we will be holding the Benton Lily Tour, open to our guests from the Western Roundup Dinner at Mammoth Mountain. Another great reason to attend this Extravaganza! For more information about the Artists' ...continue reading

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Sharing the Natural Wonder of Benton Hot Springs...

written by Piper Wright, ESLT high school intern Educating both children and adults about the value of land conservation is an important part of ESLT’s mission. The various conservation lands that ESLT has can be an excellent educational tool: getting young children out on the land can spark their interest in wildlife and the natural world around them. Our project began in early February with an idea to partner with the Eastern ...continue reading

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Call for Artists Deadline Approaching!

Eastern Sierra Land Trust invites all artists to submit work to a juried show for our 3rd annual Art for Conservation Show & Sale.  Your opportunity to be included in the 2011 Art for Conservation Show and Sale is narrowing!  The deadline for submissions of digital samples of your work is Friday, April 22nd. If you have shown in our past show and sales, you do not need to submit your work ...continue reading

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Fieldwork at Benton Hot Springs Ranch

This last Monday Hillary and I ventured out to the ponds on the conservation easement at Benton Hot Springs Ranch to collect some data for the habitat improvement project that we are conducting at that location. This expedition benefited from Hillary's expert canoe handling skills (see video below) which were required  in order to maneuver the boat along transects to measure and map water depth across the reservoir, all in light winds! We also had help from ...continue reading

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Happy Holidays from ESLT

Because of your support this year, we: Preserved 135 acres of a working farm and wildlife migration corridor in the Mono Basin. Continued work on preserving an additional 2383 acres of vital lands in the Eastern Sierra, from high atop the Sweetwater Mountains near Bridgeport down to the shore of Owens Lake. Taught environmental education to over 100 students through restoration projects, science camp presentations, and the sunflower garden project. ...continue reading

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Hot off the press! ESLT’s Winter SierraScapes Newsletter

On the Path to Perpetuity Looking out into our next decade, ESLT has set the stage for completing a broad range of vital land conservation projects in this beautiful region. As outlined in our most recent Conservation Vision, we will focus primarily on partnering to preserve important ranches and farms, maintaining the viability of wildlife corridors, and finding options to assist landowners with remote parcels. Achieving these priorities will also ensure . ...continue reading

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Thank You and Farewell!

My Year of AmeriCorps service with Eastern Sierra Land Trust is sadly coming to a close today. I have been serving the Sierra, along with 26 other Sierra Nevada AmeriCorps Partnership (SNAP) members, since January. What a wonderful year it has been! I want to thank each and every one of you that I have come to know this year. You have been teachers, supporters, friends, and family. You have ...continue reading

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What a Wonderful Time of the Year

Your generosity and vision for preserving the Eastern Sierra are extraordinary. This is an opportunity to make the world a better place. Why? Because the Eastern Sierra with its expansive and breathtaking landscapes, diverse wildlife and critical habitats, and unique rural character is truly one of the world’s most important treasures. Why? Because the cherished open spaces, working and wild landscapes, and recreational opportunities of the Eastern Sierra will disappear if we ...continue reading

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Art for Conservation Show and Sale, July 1...

Our 2nd annual Art for Conservation Show and Sale opens July 1st at the Mono Council for the Arts Gallery in Mammoth Lakes! Click here for a map and address to the gallery. The gallery will be open to the public from 12pm to 5pm, Tuesday through Sunday, with no admission charge. The main feature of the event is ESLT's conservation easement at Benton Hot Springs Ranch. In May, Eastern ...continue reading

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Mixing up Bishop’s Nonprofits and For-Profits

Wednesday evening, the ESLT garden hosted the business community for a Bishop Chamber Mixer.  The blossoming garden was a great setting to meet some new and old friends.  With the 3rd-graders’ sunflowers towering above, this mix of for-profit and nonprofit business representatives learned a bit about what ESLT is and how business is an integral part of a conservation easement. There are lots of opportunities to work together for the ...continue reading

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