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Community Celebration a Great Success!

Supporters braved the elements this past weekend to celebrate ESLT's community at Benton Hot Springs Ranch. The wind was howling and snow fell, but all in attendance banded together and enjoyed the opportunity to spent time with one another on a beautiful piece of preserved land. Participants enjoyed a wide range of activities. On Saturday afternoon, around 40 people headed down through the canyon trail on the conservation easement to view birds, ...continue reading

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Community Celebration at Benton Hot Springs Ranch

This Spring weather in the Eastern Sierra is proving to be as unpredictable as ever.  After a gorgeous 85 degree, sunny day yesterday we have 20 mile per hour winds blowing through the area today.  Regardless of the breezy conditions, plans are full swing here at ESLT for a fabulous celebration tomorrow!  We look forward to seeing our members and supporters at Benton Hot Springs Ranch to celebrate the achievements your support ...continue reading

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Come Ride Adobe Valley!

I hope you all are planning to come to our members celebration at Benton Hot Springs the weekend of May 22-23! One of the great activities we will be hosting is a bike ride in the Adobe Valley on Sunday morning. This remote stretch of HWY 120 connects Benton and HWY 395 just south of Lee Vining. Check the route out online in Google maps/earth We are planning to meet ...continue reading

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Benton Hot Springs Ranch field trip

On May 16, 2009, locals and visitors gathered at the Benton Hot Springs Ranch conservation easement, just outside of Benton, to have a morning adventure of birding and botanizing. Led by Claus Engelhardt of the Eastern Sierra Audubon Society, Stephen Ingram of the California Native Plant Society,  Karen Ferrell-Ingram of the ESLT, and Bill Bramlette, landowner, the morning was full of natural history tidbits.  Bill shared his four- generation perspective ...continue reading

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On the Land

Today I got to wander around one of the ESLT's conservation easements, Benton Hot Springs Ranch, with our Executive Director Karen, our Stewardship Coordinator Aaron, and two Audubon Birding specialists, Claus and Connie Engelhardt. We were preparing for the field trip on Saturday, May 16th, in collaboration with Bill Bramlette, Eastern Sierra Audubon Society and the California Native Plant Society. With the Boundary Peak looming over us, we began making our way ...continue reading

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When in Rome: Quick History of Land Trusts

For those who live, work, and play in the Eastern Sierra, its easy to know why people want to preserve and protect this unique place.  Conservation Easements, used by the ESLT and other land trusts, are a handy tool to do just that (  However, unbeknownst to many is that land trusts and conservation easements are home-grown, American ideas.  Who can’t appreciate something as American as land conservation?  While the ancient Romans ...continue reading

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