Ancient Bristlecone Pine Tree

Bristlecone Grove: Stand the Test of Time

Have you visited the ancient Bristlecone pine groves? Found far up in the White Mountains overlooking the Owens Valley, they're a breathtaking sight. As some of the oldest living life forms in the world (one has been dated at over 5,000 years), these trees have endured countless blizzards and droughts over the centuries.They're a living symbol of the Eastern Sierra's legacy, and their roots run deep. Bristlecone pines stand the test of …continue reading

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Introducing Indigo Johnson, ESLT’s new Education Coordinator &...

All of us at Eastern Sierra Land Trust are excited to welcome Indigo Johnson to the team as our 2016/2017Education Coordinator & AmeriCorps Member! Indigocomes to us throughthe Sierra Nevada Alliance'sSierra Nevada AmeriCorps Partnership (SNAP)- a selective programthatplaces28 young leaders into conservation agencies and organizations throughout the Sierra Nevada each year. SNAP members like Indigo have been working with ESLT ever since the SNAP program began in 2009. By focusingonwatershed restoration and …continue reading

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Volunteer to Support our Eastern Sierra Public Lands

Do you like to hike, bike, climb, fish, or simply sit back and admire the wide-open Eastern Sierra views? Well then now is the time to give back to the public lands you love. In honor of National Public Lands Day, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Bishop Field Office is partnering with Eastern Sierra Land Trust and numerous other local agencies and conservation groups to hold a community-wide volunteer event and …continue reading

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New Book Reveals Eastside Campsites with the Most...

Click Here to Purchase Online The sight of billions of stars twinkling overhead mesmerized journalist Kimberly Wilkes when she first started camping in the Eastern Sierra and Death Valley more than 20 years ago. She was captivated by the quietness of the area, its silence broken by only the babble of a brook, the quaking of leaves, or the soft sifting of desert sand in the breeze. The last thing she wanted …continue reading

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Look to the Sky for Hope – Photographs...

ESLT would like to give a big thank you to Andy Seltersfor speaking about his photography over the years at today's Brown Bag Lunch at the ESLT garden. Selters is a local photographer, climber, and jack of all trades extraordinaire who captures his vision as a photographer as well as he captures the physical landscape: "As an artist you connect with other peoples' brains; If you want to rent space in their …continue reading

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Hola from ESLT’s 2012 AmeriCorps Member!

Hello future friends and community! My name is Victoria Ortiz and I will be serving as ESLT's 2012 AmeriCorps member and Education Coordinator. This morning I went for a run during which I reveled in how lucky I am to be living in paradise. For the last couple winters I have worked as a ski instructor at Mammoth Mountain and have fallen in love with the clean air and active …continue reading

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