How You Help the Sierra Nevada Red Fox...

In 2014, the Sierra Nevada red fox made its first reappearance in Yosemite National Park for nearly 100 years. In December 2014, a wildlife camera in Yosemite National Park captured this beautiful winter photo. And that fox trotting through the scene was more than just a fun find. It was proof of the first confirmed Sierra Nevada red fox in the park in nearly 100 years. These foxes are special …continue reading

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Fighting Climate Change by Saving Land

Efforts to prevent increases in greenhouse gas emissions throughout California have found an ally among Eastern Sierra land conservationists. A new statewide program that aims to fight the effects of climate change has awarded ESLT a grant for $917,500 funds that will go directly towards permanently protecting Bridgeport Valley's historic Sceirine Point Ranch. Press Release [PDF]

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Tony Taylor: Eastern Sierra’s Accidental Environmentalist

He is the Accidental Environmentalist. Tony Taylor, of Mammoth, is the president of the Eastern Sierra Land Trust. He didn't take over the job, he just kind of fell into it. Ten years ago, he found himself chatting with Swall Meadows' Stephen Ingram and Karen Ferrell-Ingram one day... Press Release [PDF]

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