A Wild and Working Mosaic, by Kay Ogden

The Hunewill family is one of many in the Eastern Sierra who have been ranching for multiple generations. Families like these keep our region wide open so mule deer, pronghorn, and sage-grouse thrive. Photo by Dwayne Leonard, Ranch Memories Photography. by Kay Ogden, ESLT Executive Director I just couldn't believe the majestic and crazy landscape that was unfolding before me as I rode my bike from Los Angeles to Mono …continue reading

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A Sage Grouse shows off his plumage.

$8 Million Fund Created to Improve Water Quality...

Great news for Eastern Sierra conservation - and we're thrilled to share it with you first! In a landmark victory for local conservation and the long-term health of the Eastern Sierra, the USDA's Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP) has created an $8 million fund to support initiatives conserving the Bi-State population of greater sage-grouse and enhancing ranch water quality in the region. Sage-grouse thrive in wide-open areas with abundant sagebrush, native grasses, …continue reading

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Eastern Sierra Land Trust Earns National Recognition

Now in our15thyear protecting critical wildlife habitat, historic working lands, and scenic open spaces across the Eastern Sierra, Eastern Sierra Land Trust has some exciting news to share: we haveachieved renewed accreditation! This is a mark of great distinction in land conservation nationwide. Awarded byThe Land Trust Accreditation Commission, ourre-accreditation demonstrates the Commission'sconfidence that Eastern Sierra Land Trust's conserved lands will continue to be protected forever. Our Black Lake Preserve,Photo © …continue reading

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Save the Sierra: Apply to be ESLT’s next...

Do you love the Sierra? Want to help restore and protect the Range of Light, while gaining valuable environmental professional experience? Apply today to become a Sierra Nevada AmeriCorps Partnership (SNAP) AmeriCorps Member working in Bishop, CA with Eastern Sierra Land Trust! Past ESLT AmeriCorps Members Alison Amberg (left) and Sara Kokkelenberg (right) made great progress on a restoration project to reintroduce the Owens Speckled Dace into the Benton Ponds. ESLT's …continue reading

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The Stories that Shape Inyo County

Want to spice up your lunch break? Swing by Eastern Sierra Land Trust's backyard each month this summer for our annual Brown Bag Lunch Series! In honor of Inyo County's 150th birthday, this year's Brown Bag Lunch speakers will focus on the rich cultural and natural history of this remote and beautiful county we call home. Presenters will join us on the first Tuesday of each month from May through September to …continue reading

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ESLT is Hiring: Join our Team as Office...

Eastern Sierra Land Trust is hiring!Are you or is someone you know looking for an opportunity to go to work to protect vital Eastern Sierra lands? ESLT will be adding an Office Manager to our team as soon as possible. Apply to come work with us today! The part-time Office Manager plays an integral role in carrying out Eastern Sierra Land Trust's mission, and will work collaboratively with the ESLT team by …continue reading

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ESLT Awarded $1 Million Endowment by the Tambour...

Eastern Sierra Land Trust is thrilled to announcethat wehave recently received the largest gift in ourorganization's history one that will have a major effect on ourcapacity, and as a result, the future of protected lands in the Eastern Sierra. The Tambour Foundation, a small, private charitable foundation focused on educational, environmental and other advancement opportunities around the world, has granted Eastern Sierra Land Trust $1 million to seed a new Endowment Fund. …continue reading

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Great News from Washington DC: Conservation Tax Incentive...

You'velikelyheard about the newbudget and tax compromise bill thatCongress passedin the final days of 2015. This massive piece of legislation funds every Cabinet agency through September 2016 AND provides a comprehensive tax package that deals with a slew of importanttopics, from Big Oil to small business, cybersecurity, refugees, education, and much, much more. And largely overlooked by the media wasone of the most excitingvictoriesof all — one for landowners, land trusts, and …continue reading

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This New Year, ESLT Turns 15!

The clock strikes midnight. Glasses clink, fireworks light the sky, lovers lean in for a kiss - and a new yearunfolds, withall its endless possibility. For me, like many, this isa time to start fresh and set mysights on new goals; an occasion to appreciate the distance I'vecome and to chart the pathahead. As the Executive Director of Eastern Sierra Land Trust, I know in my heart that you - ESLTmembers and …continue reading

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Fighting Climate Change by Saving Land

Efforts to prevent increases in greenhouse gas emissions throughout California have found a friend in Eastern Sierra Land Trust. A new statewide program that aims to fight the effects of climate change has awarded ESLT a grant for $917,500 funds that will go directly towards permanently protecting Bridgeport Valley's historic Sceirine Point Ranch. Photo © Kay Ogden "Preserving open space, agricultural resources, and wildlife habitat here in the Eastern Sierra …continue reading

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