Treasures: Finds from the Field

You should probably not work for a land trust monitoring easements, because you won't have any fun and will never see anything worthwhile. You shouldn't visit the Eastern Sierra either. It's definitely not beautiful, and there's nothing there to do. We found this toy camel off of a closed logging road near the Hoover Wilderness. I was monitoring an agricultural easement that had a historic boneyard this summer, and I …continue reading

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GPS workshop a success!

Last Saturday 14 interested folks came out to our Crowley Hilltop Preserve to learn about working with Global Positioning Systems (GPS). This fun group had signed up for the workshop to become more familiar with their own receivers or learn more before getting one of their own. The group included people who had never touched a GPS before to those who use them regularly for work, and even a couple who is …continue reading

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GPS Field Workshop

Saturday, November 14th, 10am to 2pm Spend the day with ESLT Stewardship Coordinator, Aaron Johnson, learning about the basics of Global Positioning System (GPS) use while exploring the stunning terrain of ESLT's Crowley Hilltop Preserve. This excursion will include an introduction to basic GPS use, a cross-country geography walk using map and GPS, and a discussion of how these technologies benefit the monitoring program at ESLT. Please bring your gps unit, extra …continue reading

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Notes from the Field

The following are a few snapshots taken while monitoring ESLT conservation easements. Hope you enjoy! For more information on ESLT conservation easements, visit our website for detailed descriptions and more photos. Serena

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Monitoring season is here!

As stewardship coordinator at the ESLT, one of my responsibilities is to conduct yearly monitoring on all our conservation easements. This is to maintain relationships with landowners and ensure future compliance with conservation easement requirements in order to ensure the preservation of the lands in perpetuity. Monitoring of the Montgomery Creek Ranch was completed recently on June 15. The Education and Outreach Coordinator, Serena, assited me in the monitoring outing, …continue reading

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Conservation on the Computer

Sometimes it feels difficult to reconcile my interests in the outdoors and natural history with my more 'techie' interests. Though I most undoubtedly would rather spend my spare time strolling through the hills than squinting into the blue light of the computer, the truth is that I also really enjoy working with the new tools that technology provides. Some tools are more complex while others are quite user friendly. In my professional …continue reading

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