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Tony Taylor: Eastern Sierra’s Accidental Environmentalist

He is the Accidental Environmentalist. Tony Taylor, of Mammoth, is the president of the Eastern Sierra Land Trust. He didn't take over the job, he just kind of fell into it. Ten years ago, he found himself chatting with Swall Meadows' Stephen Ingram and Karen Ferrell-Ingram one day... Press Release [PDF]

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Thinking Like a Deer

Wildlife need to be able to get around too. Understanding this is simple;  think about your own life. Imagine if you could not venture more than a block from your home. Sure, you could be pretty happy on the couch for a while, maybe even borrow some snacks from a neighbor, but what would happen when you ran out of coffee or had a craving for Thai food? What if you wanted ...continue reading

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California Deer Association Awards Grant to ESLT

Eastern Sierra Land Trust (ESLT) announced that it has received a $15,000 grant from the California Deer Association. The funds will support ESLT’s work with willing landowners in the community of Swall Meadows in preserving important deer habitat. Press Release [PDF]

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Wildlife Migration Corridor Pictures

Community members had a great day last Saturday exploring Round Valley and Swall Meadows on ESLT's Wildlife Migration Corridor Field Trip. California Department of Fish & Game wildlife biologist Tim Taylor led the group and explained why this area is so critical to the survival of the Round Valley mule deer herd during their winter range in the valley. The Round Valley mule deer herd relies on bitter brush scrub that covers ...continue reading

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