Scavenger Hunts and Saddle Sores

The cowboys who have ridden these rugged lands since before they could walk would have laughed to see me (and to be honest, you probably would have, too). There I was, trotting along aboard a frisky mare, ironically named "Grandma," carrying all my necessary equipment: backpack, cameras, measuring tape, GPS unit, iPad case, and more all dangling and swinging as my mount made her way up the trail. Now I'm no cowgirl. …continue reading

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Why I Volunteer with Eastern Sierra Land Trust

This post was contributedby longtime ESLT Stewardship Volunteer and member, Wally Woolfenden. At ESLT's Sage-Grouse Stewardship Day in October 2015, Stewardship Volunteer Wally Woolfenden (left) brought hard work and plenty of smiles as he helped make Sinnamon Meadows a safer home for sage-grouse. The protection of natural, non-human dominated ecosystems has been an important effort, especially the preservation of wilderness. Wilderness, however, is usually of marginal interest for settlement and …continue reading

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Lend a Hand On the Land!

This postwas writtenby ESLT'sEducation Coordinator & AmeriCorps Member, Catherine Tao. For more aboutCatherine, href="" target="_blank">Click Here. With the weather warming up, it's time to get a bit of dirt underneath our fingernails and grease up those elbow joints. Eastern Sierra Land Trust has been getting out on our protected lands lately, advancing our ongoing work to conserve and restoreour beautiful Eastside -- rain or shine, or‚Ķ ice!. Now we need your help. …continue reading

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ESLT’s Sara Kokkelenberg Named California AmeriCorps Member of...

Sara couldn't believe it when she got the email. Along with several ESLT staff members, Board members, and supporters, shewas in Sacramento earlier this month attending the national Land Trust Alliance's Rally 2015. In her inbox appeared a message notifying her that she would need to plan a return trip to Sacramento - in just one week. And for a very good reason: she would be receiving an award. "I had no …continue reading

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Help Keep Sage-Grouse Aloft on Eastern Sierra Ranchlands

Help createsafer habitat for one of the iconic wildlife species that makes the Eastern Sierra so special: the elusive Greater sage-grouse. Photo © Bureau of Land Management. Maintaining safe habitat for the rare Bi-State Greater sage-grouse is no small task. Join usfor our2nd annual Sage-Grouse Stewardship Day, and help create safer habitat for sage-grouse onthe working ranchlands of Sinnamon Meadows! Sage-Grouse Stewardship Day Wednesday, October 14 9am-5pm Sinnamon Meadows Conservation …continue reading

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Conservation Takes Flight: Keeping Sage-Grouse Aloft on Eastern...

Maintaining safe habitat for the rare Bi-State Greater sage-grouse is no small task. This unusual ground-nesting bird is often found on ranchland, where good range management and sustainable grazing provide an ideal environment for sage-grouse to forage, perform their renowned courtship dances, and raise their chicks. New rangeland science has led to modified fence designs that reduce sage-grouse mortality, but old fencing left on the range still poses serious risks and barbed …continue reading

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Local Partnership Keeps Bi-State Sage Grouse Off Endangered...

After years of work to help keep the Eastern Sierra's Bi-State sage grouse off the list of nationally-protected endangered species, a verdict has been reached. On Tuesday April 21, U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell announced that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) has determined that the Bi-State population of Greater sage grouse will not be listed under the Endangered Species Act. The Greater sage grouse is an unusual, …continue reading

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ESLT in the News

ESLT has been getting some attention from our local media recently! Based out of Mammoth Lakes, The Sheet is a free weekly newspaper that covers news, views, culture, and all things Eastern Sierra. Twice a year they release a special issue - The Green Sheet - that focuses on, "All Things Green in the Eastern Sierra." Their recent Fall/Winter 2014 issue featured ESLT's important conservation work: not only on the front page, …continue reading

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ESLT’s Sold-Out Lands & Legacy Celebration: A Huge...

Our recent Lands & Legacy Celebration was simply amazing filled with inspiration, good food and company, and visions of the preserved open spaces in the Eastern Sierra's future. By the time we returned to the office the following Tuesday, my email in-box and our office voicemail were packed with messages from folks letting us know what a great time they had. Many said it was the "best ESLT event ever," which means …continue reading

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Breaking News: Historic Sinnamon Meadows Property now Permanently...

1,240 Acres of Ranch Land and Important Wildlife Habitat Preserved Forever! Eastern Sierra Land Trust has achieved another success in its efforts to preserve the Eastern Sierra's cherished landscapes. ESLT is thrilled to announce the permanent protection of Sinnamon Meadows, a stunning expanse of historic ranchland in northern Mono County. The 1,240-acre property's working lands, extensive wetlands, natural springs, and vital animal habitat are now protected forever with an agricultural conservation easement …continue reading

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