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Historic Sinnamon Meadows Property now Permanently Protected by...

Eastern Sierra Land Trust (ESLT) has achieved another success in its efforts to preserve the Eastern Sierra’s cherished landscapes. ESLT is thrilled to announce the permanent protection of Sinnamon Meadows, a stunning expanse of historic ranchland in northern Mono County. The 1,240-acre property’s working lands, extensive wetlands, natural springs, and vital animal habitat are now protected forever with an agricultural conservation easement held by ESLT... Press Release [PDF]

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ESLT Receives Funding to Help Preserve Sinnamon Meadows

On March 7, 2013, Sierra Nevada Conservancy (SNC) approved funding for one of Eastern Sierra Land Trust’s (ESLT) current land conservation projects. Known as Sinnamon Meadows, the property is located in northern Mono County, and contains significant key wildlife habitat, watershed and scenic values. The grant funds received from SNC will provide a portion of what will be needed to complete the conservation easement acquisition on this important property... Press Release [PDF]

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Historic Conservation Values

Did you know that lands preserved by ESLT in partnership with private landowners have included what was once the highest elevation production orchard in the Country, the first farm established in Hammil Valley (also a railroad stop), and a portion of one of the earliest ranches in Big Meadows, which we now know as Bridgeport? Apple orchard in Swall Meadows Working in land conservation we spend a lot of time ...continue reading

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Preserving the Rural Character and Prime Soils of...

602 acre Alfalfa Farm in Hammil Valley Preserved Eastern Sierra Land Trust’s latest conservation project is a beautiful farm tucked under the towering White Mountains, north of Bishop.  Richard Moss and his wife Barbara have preserved their organic alfalfa farm, known as Cinnamon Ranch, in the Hammil Valley. The Moss’ purchased the ranch in 1970, making alfalfa hay the primary agricultural product from the ranch. These long-time landowners retain title and management ...continue reading

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