Another Layer of Protection for Black Lake Preserve

Black Lake Preserve © Randy Keller, ESLT Board of Directors Follow Highway 120 northwest from Benton and you'll enter Adobe Valley. There, distant mountain peaks frame wide expanses of fragrant, blooming sagebrush. Native Americans once used this valley as a trading and hunting route, traversing vast fields where wildlife like pronghorn, pygmy rabbits, and more abound. Crowds of Bi-State sage-grouse once gathered here in traditional annual mating dances, on dancing …continue reading

San Diego Girl Scouts Give Back on Vacation

This Tuesday, a Girl Scout troop from San Diego, gathered under the cloudy skies in Crowley Lakes, ready to make a difference. The troop was visiting Mammoth Lakes on their summer vacation, a reward after selling hundreds of boxes of Girl Scout Cookies. As part of their vacation, they wanted to do a service project. As their co-leader Tracy Gastelo said, "We always try to give back wherever we visit." …continue reading

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