395 Wildlife Crossing Project with Beth Pratt

Beth Pratt, a world-renowned conservationist with National Wildlife Federation, will share her work on wildlife crossings followed by the Eastern Sierra Wildlife Stewardship Team who will highlight the new Highway 395 wildlife crossing in Mono County and fundraising opportunities. In this multi-agency presentation, we'll hear from ESIA, CA Dept of Fish & Wildlife, Caltrans, ESLT's Kay Ogden, and Mono County Supervisor, Stacy Corless on the team effort helping our wildlife safely cross the highway at a hazardous location.

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Making Highway 395 Safer for Mule Deer

A mule deer doe dashes across a road. © Joe Riis Stand by Highway 395 today, and two minutes may go by without the roar and burst of breeze from a passing car. California issued stay-at-home orders to stop the spread of coronavirus this spring, during what happened to be peak mule deer migration season. That means that for the first time in decades, the Round Valley mule deer herd …continue reading

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