Lend a Hand On the Land!

This postwas writtenby ESLT'sEducation Coordinator & AmeriCorps Member, Catherine Tao. For more aboutCatherine, href="https://easternsierralandlines.wordpress.com/2015/11/03/welcome-catherine/" target="_blank">Click Here. With the weather warming up, it's time to get a bit of dirt underneath our fingernails and grease up those elbow joints. Eastern Sierra Land Trust has been getting out on our protected lands lately, advancing our ongoing work to conserve and restoreour beautiful Eastside -- rain or shine, or‚Ķ ice!. Now we need your help. …continue reading

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Big Gains in Voluntary Land Conservation

The first census of land trusts in five years found 10 million new acres conserved nationwide since 2005, an increase of 27%!! The National Land Trust Census, released by the Land Trust Alliance, shows that during the same time period, the federal Land and Water Conservation Fund, a major federal conservation program, added just over 500,000 acres and saw a 38% funding cut. The census is available online at www.lta.org/census. A total …continue reading

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Tax Incentive Renewed through 2011!

Congress just renewed a tax incentive for private landowners—especially working family farmers and ranchers—who protect their land with a voluntary conservation agreement. The incentive, which had expired at the end of 2009, helped Eastern Sierra Land Trust work with willing landowners in our community to preserve 635 acres of natural areas between 2006 and 2009. Conservation-minded landowners now have until December 31, 2011 to take advantage of a significant tax …continue reading

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Mono County Easement Visits in Full Swing

Aaron Johnson, our Lands Program Coordinator, and myself, have been escaping the Bishop heat for cooler ground up in Mono County. We have begun the annual monitoring process of ESLT's conservation easements. Each easement has its own monitoring plan, to be carried out according to the values for which it was preserved. All easements, however, must be monitored annually with the same degree of specificity and detail. We always schedule these visits …continue reading

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Blooming Rabbitbrush on ESLT Conservation Easement Tour

At the end of September, ESLT staff set out for the first annual conservation easement tour of the Eastern Sierra. With new fall weather rolling in, we were bundled up but ready for scenic vistas and views of preserved lands. The rabbitbrush was in full bloom, blanketing the Eastern Sierra will a warm yellow glow. As always, it was inspiring to see these lands that will remain forever in perpetuity. As we …continue reading

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Notes from the Field

The following are a few snapshots taken while monitoring ESLT conservation easements. Hope you enjoy! For more information on ESLT conservation easements, visit our website for detailed descriptions and more photos. Serena

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Monitoring season is here!

As stewardship coordinator at the ESLT, one of my responsibilities is to conduct yearly monitoring on all our conservation easements. This is to maintain relationships with landowners and ensure future compliance with conservation easement requirements in order to ensure the preservation of the lands in perpetuity. Monitoring of the Montgomery Creek Ranch was completed recently on June 15. The Education and Outreach Coordinator, Serena, assited me in the monitoring outing, …continue reading

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Permanent Protection of Mono Lake Scenic Vista Draws...

The removal of junked cars and piles of debris that once marred the views north of Mono Lake, in addition to an agreement that will keep the land from ever being subdivided into ranchettes, were grounds for a celebration on Saturday, July 26th. Residents from the Eastern Sierra and from across the state gathered in Mono Basin to applaud the restoration and generous donation of a 480 acre conservation easement to the …continue reading

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