Mammoth Lakes 395 Wildlife Crossing project
Mule deer captured by wildlife cam after crossing Highway 395 in Mammoth Lakes. They cross the busy road to reach the ranges they’ve migrated to long before the highway existed. Images like these help monitor the wildlife activity along the highway.

What is the Mammoth Lakes 395 Wildlife Crossing Project?

Within Caltrans District 9, the highest frequency of Wildlife Vehicle Collisions (WVC) are documented on Highway 395 and Highway 203 in Mono County between the Community of Crowley Lake and the Town of Mammoth Lakes (TOML). Collisions with large mammals, mainly mule deer, come with risk of property damage or even injury to drivers. Furthermore, WVCs can negatively impact deer populations, which are important to the economy, culture, and biology of the region. This project proposes to construct a wildlife crossing corridor consisting of overcrossings, undercrossings, and an exclusion fence to reduce WVCs. There are 5 project alternatives consisting of different WVC reduction treatments along the corridor.

November 2022 Wildlife Crossing Grant Update:

In November of 2022, California’s Wildlife Conservation Board (WCB)  approved a $3.17 million grant for the Mammoth Lakes 395 Wildlife Crossing Project to fund Caltrans’ PA&ED (Project Approval and Environmental Document) phase of the project. This includes the completion of an environmental document and a Project Report. Once PA&ED is complete, there is still the PS&E (Plans, Specifications, and Estimate) phase to complete that would finalize all the design, obtain permits and agreements, secure any needed Right of Way to acquire, and prepare a package for a contractor to bid on to construct the project.

The PA&ED phase kicks off in March of 2023.

The Eastern Sierra Wildlife Stewardship Team

The Eastern Sierra Stewardship team is a collaborative, non-governing body, designed to promote regional collaboration on wildlife crossing issues.

  • Caltrans District 9
  • Mono County
  • USDA Forest Service
  • USDI Bureau of Land Management
  • Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
  • Bridgeport Indian Colony
  • Town of Mammoth Lakes
  • USDI Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Eastern Sierra Land Trust
  • California Department of Fish and Wildlife
  • Defenders of Wildlife

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Past Meetings

395 Wildlife Crossing Project: Beth Pratt and Eastern Sierra Wildlife Stewardship Team

February 11, 2021

Beth Pratt is a world-renowned conservationist. She currently is the Regional Executive Director of the  of the National Wildlife Federation. She previously worked on sustainability and climate change programs for Xanterra Parks & Resorts in Yellowstone as its Director of Environmental Affairs. Prior to her role in Yellowstone, for nine years Beth served as the Vice President/CFO for the non-profit Yosemite Association (now Yosemite Conservancy) in Yosemite National Park.

She is joined by the Eastern Sierra Wildlife Stewardship Team, a collective of individuals representing the CA Dept of Fish & Wildlife, the Calfornia Department of Transportation (District 9), Eastern Sierra Land Trust, Eastern Sierra Interpretive Association (ESIA), and the Mono County Board of Supervisors.

Beth Pratt starts with a presentation on her work and wildlife crossing projects in California. Next, the Eastern Sierra Wildlife Stewardship Team discuss the 395 Wildlife Crossing project and fundraising needs for this project to help wildlife safely cross the highway. The presentation is followed by a Q&A segment where audience members have the opportunity to ask questions on the project, or of Beth Pratt and her work.